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Psychic pain can feel crippling, wreaking havoc on our inner and outer worlds. For some it is a destructive tyrannical force, for others it is more akin to a quiet aggravation. We each have a story of pain that asks to be heard until it is no longer capable of hurting us. Upon entering the world as infants, we quickly learn to mould ourselves to the beliefs, expectations and needs of others, particularly those on whom we depend for our basic survival. We lose sight of who we are in the midst of accommodating others. At some point, it becomes necessary to question our adopted narrative and learn how to write our own script.

My speciality is family of origin trauma; those harrowing experiences of the formative years that when unaddressed continue to haunt our habits and relationships and sabotage our potential for success. We have many labels for trauma's myriad of expressions – addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, complex trauma – to name only a few.

When you are ready to exit the repetition compulsion that imprisons you in an old timeline, I look forward to working with you to create a new narrative for your life.

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Resilience is the inherent ingenuity of the human soul to reach beyond mere survival of adverse circumstances, and to evolve and expand in consciousness in response to those difficulties. In 1990, driven by a curiosity in the concept of resilience, I began my formal studies in human psychology, which initially spanned an eight-year period and the attainment in 1998 of a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Glasgow. The simple question of why we act, feel and think in the ways that we do, particularly as a response to tragedy and trauma, is the question that remains the basis of my inquiries into the psyche. Once we understand the why, we can then unlock the gate to alternative paths of being.

Over the years, I have had the honour of working with some incredibly resilient individuals who despite enduring considerable mental anguish, taught me the value of hope and persistence. In my work as a psychologist I draw on a range of theoretical frameworks from both eastern and western thinking, to bring insight and awareness to those unconscious factors that may be contributing to the difficulties my clients are experiencing.





The therapy hour for individuals includes 50 minutes of session time with me and 10 minutes for notations. Couples appointments are scheduled for 75 minutes of session time with me and 15 minutes for notations. Fees are payable at the scheduled appointment time. Please give me a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment.

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