A Thank you Letter

December 2018

 To My Lovely Clients,

The calendar year comes to an end, furtively turning yet again. Some of you may be celebrating long-held traditions; some may be creating new rituals, which more authentically reflect your inner truth; and some may be actively seeking refuge from the season’s impositions. Wherever you are and with whomever you find yourself this holiday season, I offer you a blessing of gratitude.

Thank you.

Thank you for entrusting me with your deepest pain and for inviting me to witness your most vulnerable places. Thank you for allowing me to hold space for your angers, fears, melancholies, tears and worries. Thank you for your bravery in conscientiously attending to the care of the soul, outside as well as inside the therapy room. Thank you for sharing your triumphs and victories, which I know at times may feel small and to the outside world may seem like nothing, but to you and to me, we know they are the miracles of growth, of shifting gear and gaining new ground in self-identity and in self-empowerment.

Whether you have been on this journey with me for a while or have recently begun; whether you have re-joined me after some time away or have left the province seeking higher and deeper experiences for the soul to further its development, please know that I am honoured to accompany you through every precious moment of tearfulness and laughter that is the sanctity of the therapeutic journey.